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Understanding Enterprise E-commerce platforms

E-commerce is all the rage right now. You would see various startups launching their online stores. The question is, what about the big fishes? What if a big organization wants to start an E-commerce store? Surely, they don’t have the same requirements as a small business. Their operations are bound to be at a much larger scale.

For such organizations, enterprise ecommerce platforms exist.

What is an Enterprise eCommerce platform?

An enterprise E-commerce software is a platform that has been specifically designed keeping in mind the more complex and diverse requirements of a large organization. For instance, the top enterprise E-commerce platforms integrate all the different functions (e.g., sales, marketing, distribution) to ensure better communication.

You can view such platforms as delivering a centralized solution rather than a fragmented alone. Whether it be order processing or marketing, every function is linked through the centralized system. Which is the best enterprise e-commerce platform depends on your needs? Generally, it is advised that you conduct E-commerce platforms comparison to find out which of the available platform best suits your needs.

How do you know that you need an Enterprise platform?

Not every business requires one of the top enterprise e-commerce platforms 2018 has to offer. Before you start looking for the best Enterprise solution like the Shopify, you must first ensure that you are an “Enterprise” business or not.

Remember, this has nothing to do with the number of people you have on board. You can have a team size of five and still be classified as an enterprise. This is because it has to do with the structure of your organization and your revenue stream. Here are a few indicators that you are an Enterprise platform:

  • You have a vast portfolio of products.
  • There are various functions in your organization that make use of the same technical and financial resources.
  • Your revenue is more than $7.5 million annually.


Once you have classified yourself as an Enterprise business, you must research to find the best enterprise E-commerce platform for your business. One of the best options out there is Shopify. It is scalable, integrates various functions seamlessly and is known to have great customer support. Whether you choose Shopify or any other platform is your decision. Just make sure you base your decision on an objective analysis of various platforms.

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