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Two Enterprise E-commerce Platforms You Need to Know About

Do you have an E-commerce store? Are you planning to take it to new heights? Well, your platform might not allow you to do so. Often, the platform your business uses acts as a bottleneck. Whether it be limited bandwidth or a lack of scalability, E-commerce platforms that are suitable for small businesses are not the ideal solutions for enterprises.

For those of you who have made it big or plan on expanding in the near future, here are four of the best Enterprise E-commerce platforms you should know about


If you were to ask most merchants about which platform best satisfies their business needs, the answer would be Shopify. Shopify isn’t just an excellent choice for small businesses, but it is also the best Enterprise E-commerce platform out there. This is because it is highly scalable and hence can withstand sudden spikes in website traffic. Moreover, it can also be linked to other important systems like CRM and ERP which helps in delivering an integrated multichannel solution which is something an Enterprise business needs.

This might be the reason why the platform supports more than 240,000 businesses in over 150 countries. Anyone who wishes to delve into the world of Enterprise E-commerce will find Shopify to be the best option.


While Shopify is also geared towards small businesses, Magento offers its solution to mainly mid-level and enterprise businesses. This is why it is equipped with advanced merchandising features which any Enterprise business would appreciate. Whether it be B2B or B2C businesses, the platform is ideal for them all. Magento offers immense scalability, integration, and flexibility to its users. However, all of this comes at a high cost of ownership and costly maintenance overheads.

Therefore, any business who is looking to reduce cost might find Magento to be a tad expensive. Apart from this weakness, the platform succeeds in delivering what matters.

Is your business ready for such solutions?

Before you conduct an Enterprise E-commerce platform comparison, you must first decide whether your business even needs such solutions in the first place or not. You see, the number of employees you have doesn’t signify whether you are an Enterprise business or not.

Instead, these factors decide whether you need an Enterprise E-commerce platform:

  • if your revenue exceeds $7 million
  • You offer multiple products
  • Your current platform doesn’t support your site traffic

Analyze whether you are an Enterprise business before jumping on the bandwagon.


Select a quality Enterprise E-commerce platform if you need one. Grow.

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